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Music has always been a passion throughout my life. Although I am (or at least, used to be) reasonably proficient on drums and percussion, my keyboarding and guitar skills are sadly lacking. I’ve been amazed, however, at what is possible with sequencing software and software instruments.

Here is my current setup: iPad 4, 128 GB; 27” iMac, 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB; Sony 23” monitor, Roland Duo-Capture EX USB audio/MIDI interface; External HDDs (behind iDog), Fatar Studio 900, 88-key MIDI keyboard; Bose 2.1 speakers, Sony MDR-1R headphones

Here’s a couple of shots of the last kit I had. (I miss them. My arthritic joints don’t miss them... neither does my wife.)

Here’s a few pieces done entirely on the Apple iPad using NanoStudio and Auria, truly remarkable music-making apps. Besides those sounds provided by NanoStudio, I also used some samples from the Sunrizer synth, as well as some samples from free and Creative Commons websites. Mixing and mastering is done in Auria then transferred to iTunes as wav files. Re-saved as ACC  format for website usage.

All songs copyright © 2013 by Simon C. Hughes.

Check out my SoundCloud page:

Mixed for headphones, so enjoy the soundscapes!

This first one is a more up-to-date mix of a song I created on my Mac in Reason 6.5 but then exported the tracks to Auria on the iPad for mixing.

Techno Final





Here’s something a little different...

A good friend of ours, Jill McCabe Johnson is a poet and her new
book, Diary of the One Swelling Sea inspired me to create a
soundscape to back the reading of six of the poems. Each poem in
the book represents a day for the Sea, who is in love with Mirror,
the Moon.

Jill was pleased with the result and has graciously allowed me
to feature it here. The book is available through MoonPath Press.

Highly recommended!